Excerpt: Legend Analysis by Geary Keller

In conclusion, the theme of this book is that anti-authoritarian thinking is generally unaccepted by the Republic. This is shown through Day’s Trial scores and overall life, since he is snubbed by the Republic for his brilliant mind. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the theme is also shown through June and her actions in the first part of the book. She is extremely privileged in all aspects of her life, such as her wealth, status, and education. She is also endlessly loyal to the Republic, until she meets Day and she is swept into a whirlwind of doubt in her country. Finally, the Republic model of perfection, Thomas. He is a close companion of June’s, until he breaks her trust by carrying out orders to murder an innocent woman. Overall, this book’s theme ruined and blessed many people’s lives. This goes to show that while revolutionary thinking may be accepted in some societies, it is not always embraced in this one.