Some things to keep in mind when submitting:

  • Please be aware of what you are submitting. Wink does not condone inappropriate material. 
  • Check your grammar and spelling before submitting any written pieces. 
  • Only submit work that you created. Wink does not condone plagiarism. 
  • If you’re submitting a factual article or media review, remember to properly cite your sources in MLA format.
  • If you’re submitting a media review, include the author, title, brief plot synopsis, page count, and your review.
  • Submit before the deadline.

How many submissions can I make to Wink at a time?
There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make. We look forward to seeing your creative work!

I made multiple submissions to Wink, but I only see some of them in the current issue.
If you don’t see all your submissions in an Issue don’t worry! We will likely post them in the next upcoming issue.



What kind of work does Wink accept?
Wink accepts prose, poetry, photography, artwork, media reviews, factual articles, and other creative works.

How do I submit a piece of work to Wink?
We prefer you to use the online submissions system, but you may also email your work to wink@bullischarterschool.com.

How will Wink publish my work?
Wink will publish your work through the blog, an online PDF, limited printed paper edition, possibly an iBook edition, and our Instagram account (not made yet, still awaiting admin permission on that one!)

I have a question, but the FAQ page doesn’t answer it.
Email wink@bullischarterschool.com or fill out the form at the bottom.