Issue 05 | Table of Contents

Excerpt: Literary Craft in The Giver by Kathrina Welborn

Excerpt: Symbolism in Uglies by laurenyih

Excerpt: Inner Beauty Within Uglies by Yvonne Li

Excerpt: Sincere Ignorance a thematic essay on The Giver by Lois Lowry — by S. Lee

Excerpt: A Set Path by Audrey Gallagher

Excerpt: Corruption by Avi Gerber

Excerpt: Societie’s Influence by Julia Meggitt

Excerpt: Submission is Survival: An Interpretation of 1984 by Ishi11

Excerpt: A Thematic Review of Shipbreaker by Maddie Collart

Excerpt: Thematic Essay — Shipbreaker by SL. GG

Excerpt: The Impossible Maze by Keela Zambre

Excerpt: Using Power Unjustly by U.J.

Excerpt: A Force to Be Trusted by Sophia Rosenberg

Excerpt: From Dialogue to Feeling by Gumbo

Excerpt: The Unwanteds — Thematic Essay by Rhys Wheaton

Excerpt: Instincts from The Maze Runner by Piper Aaronson

Excerpt: Legend — Author’s Craft Essay by Natasha Epstein

Excerpt: Legend Analysis by Geary Keller