Child Soldiers Should Not Receive Amnesty by Seb

Dear General Public:

Child soldiers are being used more and more in recent wars. In many war-stricken, third-world countries, children volunteer to fight in deadly wars, often choosing to kill their own family to be accepted. It is my position that child soldiers captured by the U.S. should not be given amnesty, official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offense for the crimes they commit.
First of all, child soldiers are the same thing as child criminals. Child criminals are never given amnesty for the crimes they commit, so child soldiers shouldn’t be given amnesty either. To add on to that, child soldiers often commit crimes far worse than those committed by child criminals. Some may think that child soldiers should receive total amnesty because of their young age, but it turns out many soldiers know what they are doing when they go to the military looking to be signed. Child soldiers take lives, including the lives of people in their own family, and should be punished for it.
Giving child soldiers pardon would also be denying victims and their families justice. As stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) in Article 3 “[e]veryone has the right to… security of person.” This means anyone that violates someone’s security of person is considered a criminal under law, and should be prosecuted. Later in the UDHR, in Article 6, it states “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere before the law,” meaning that no matter who they were hurt or killed by, a victim still has the right to try anyone who committed a crime against them no matter who they are.
Finally, child soldiers should not be given amnesty before the law because if they are pardoned, will then begin to participate in worse crimes. When child soldiers begin to be not punished by the law for the crimes they commit, the military commanders will begin using them for the worst and most dangerous missions because the children won’t get punished. As stated by Stephen Leahy in the article “Prosecuting Child Soldiers For Their Own Safety,” not “prosecuting child perpetrators could indirectly expose child soldiers to greater risks, since military commanders might delegate the “dirtiest” orders to children because of their immunity from prosecution”. This will force children into positions that are worse than the ones many are currently kill, and will likely result in more deaths of both enemy troops and children, something that is negative.
All of this information proves that child soldiers should not be given amnesty for their own safety. If they aren’t they will be forced into positions that are worse than the ones they are already being put into. Giving captured child soldiers amnesty would also mean putting them out into the U.S., which could lead to terror attacks or the radicalization of other residents. It will also deny victims of the child soldiers justice, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Child soldiers must not be given amnesty in order to protect them, and protect the american people. Thank you for reading my essay on this highly controversial topic.


Sebastian Solòrzano

Sebastian Solòrzano


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