Excerpt: Corruption by Avi Gerber

Then, towards the middle of the book, Sorrento’s portrayal changes into one of a merciless, cold-blooded, and unsympathetic person. When Wade finally meets Sorrento, he is threatened with his death. After Sorrento kills all of Wade’s family, Wade realises his true intentions. One page 126, Wade thinks, “What was I thinking? The Sixers had just tried to kill me. They probably still had agents lurking here in the stacks, checking to make sure I was dead. And like a total idiot I was standing right out in the open.” This is when he realises the Sixers true intentions and motives to hurt all that stood in their way of winning the contest. Sorrento went as far as bribing school administrators for Wade’s personal info in order to kill him. Then later in the book, the Sixers kill Daito, one of Wade’s friends, and pretend it was a suicide. This sudden change and addition of information help the reader change their perspective and thoughts about Sorrento. In this section of the book, Sorrento’s corruption really shines through. The reader is able to understand how corrupt he is because he is willing to kill people for his company.


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